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Earn Money by Reselling Over 500 High-Profit Domain Names

Unlock the lowest prices in the market! As a Nabtech domain reseller, you can enjoy up to 10% lower domain pricing based on your reseller level. Additionally, benefit from a free API, add-ons, and bulk discounting. Increase your profit margins with Nabtech like never before!

Your Domain Reselling Business, Powered By Us

Set up your reseller account for free and receive 24/7 support. Creating an account on our website is quick and easy. Visit the Reseller Manager page to complete the setup process. If you ever need assistance, our world-class support team is available round the clock, every day of the year!

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Benefits of becoming a Nabtech Reseller

Unlock Higher Profit Margins

Maximize your earnings as a domain reseller. We offer the most competitive prices, allowing you to benefit from bulk discounts through the Nabtech Discount Program. The more domains you sell, the higher your profit margins.

Enhance Your Reseller Website

Create a fully customized reseller website using our FREE API. Unlock additional features like WHOIS Privacy, email forwarding, domain parking, and DNS Management at no extra cost. Build a unique and powerful platform for your reselling business.

Wide Selection of TLDs

Expand your offerings with over 500+ Top-Level Domains (TLDs). Whether your customers are seeking popular options like .COM and .NET or more unique gTLDs like .VEGAS or .BEST, our extensive collection ensures they'll find the perfect fit through your reseller platform.

Easy Reseller Options To Manage Your Customer Accounts


Easily resell Nabtech domains and services using WHMCS, a user-friendly reseller platform trusted by over 35,000 resellers in more than 200 countries. We provide a FREE WHMCS module to integrate with our API, enabling you to sell domains hassle-free, with 24/7 support to assist you along the way.


Blesta is a powerful, open-source automation software designed for web hosting businesses. Streamline your ordering, billing, and client management processes using Blesta's extensive collection of plugins and templates. We offer a FREE Blesta module to integrate with our API and sell domains seamlessly.


HostBill is an all-in-one reseller platform that provides comprehensive billing, client management, and support functionalities, boasting 500+ integrations and features in a single platform. While we don't offer a free module for HostBill, we provide well-documented instructions on connecting to our API effortlessly.

To access comprehensive pricing information for our extensive selection of 500+ domains, please click the link below:

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Still have some questions?

    A domain is the unique address that identifies and allows users to access a website on the internet. It's important because:

    • It gives your website a professional and recognizable address.
    • It is essential for establishing a unique online presence.
    • It aids in the branding of a website, making it easy for visitors to remember and return.
    • It can facilitate targeted marketing efforts by aligning with the business, product, or service name.
    • Step 1: Registration
      - Visit the Nabtech Domain Reseller page .
      - Locate and click on the "Signup" button to initiate your registration.
      - On the registration page, you will find a form asking for details such as your name and contact information. Make sure to fill out all the required fields with accurate information.
      - Create a secure password that you will use to access your reseller account in the future. We recommend using a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters to enhance security.
      - Review all the information provided to ensure accuracy before submitting your registration.

    • Step 2: Application Review
      - Once your registration is received, it goes through a stringent review process handled by the Nabtech Support Team.
      - This review process is meticulous and ensures that all prospective resellers meet the necessary criteria set by Nabtech.
      - The review process takes up to 24 hours. During this time, our team may contact you for additional information if needed.

    • Step 3: Approval and Getting Started
      - After the review process, you will be notified of your application status through an email.
      - If approved, the email will contain a congratulatory message stating "Congratulations, you are set up as a reseller".
      - This message marks the beginning of your journey as a Nabtech reseller, allowing you to offer a wide variety of web hosting services and products to your clients.
      - After receiving the approval email, you can log in to your reseller account and familiarize yourself with the dashboard and various functionalities to start offering Nabtech services to your clients.

    Should you have any questions or need assistance at any stage of the process, do not hesitate to submit a ticket for rapid assistance.
    • 1. Third-party Service Integration

      - Modules for Popular Reseller Platforms: Nabtech provides modules that seamlessly integrate with popular reseller platforms including, but not limited to, WHMCS and Blesta. These modules facilitate easy management and offer a streamlined service experience for resellers.

      - Compatibility: Leveraging these platforms not only ensures compatibility with our services but also offers a familiar environment for resellers who have previous experience with WHMCS or Blesta, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

      - Community and Support: Being integrated with well-established platforms means resellers have access to a wide community and support, enhancing the service efficiency and helping to resolve issues promptly through community forums or expert guidance.

      - Updates and Improvements: These platforms regularly receive updates and improvements, ensuring that resellers have access to the latest features and security enhancements to provide the best service to their clients.

    • 2. API Integration

      - Customization: Nabtech offers free access to its API, enabling resellers with the necessary programming skills to create a fully custom reseller website. The API allows for deep customization, letting resellers tailor their service offerings and user experience according to their preferences and business needs.

      - Flexibility and Control: Utilizing the API grants resellers a high degree of control over the functionalities and operations of their reseller website, allowing for a more personalized approach to service delivery.

      - Technical Support: Resellers can leverage Nabtech’s technical expertise to assist in integrating the API successfully. Our technical team is always on hand to provide guidance and resolve any challenges encountered during the integration process.

      - Resourceful Documentation: To facilitate a smoother integration process, Nabtech provides comprehensive documentation that covers various aspects of the API, offering a resourceful guide to creating a robust and efficient reseller website using the API.

    For any inquiries or assistance regarding integration processes, feel free to submit a ticket for personalized support from our Nabtech Technical Team.
    • Nabtech Discount Program Overview

      At Nabtech, we are committed to supporting our resellers in growing a profitable business. Our Discount Program is structured to reward resellers with competitive discounts that scale as your business grows.

      Here is how you can take full advantage of the Nabtech Discount Program:
    • 1. Incremental Discounts on Domain Purchases

      - Bulk Purchases: The more domains you add to your account, the less you pay for each domain. This tiered discount system is designed to offer greater savings as your business expands.

      - Competitive Pricing: Nabtech starts you off with already-low pricing, which means from your very first sale, you are positioned to earn. As you grow, your earning potential increases thanks to the Discount Program.

    • 2. Adding Value with Free Add-ons

      - Enhanced Service Offerings: Aside from the low pricing, Nabtech enhances your service offerings with free add-ons, helping you to provide more value to your customers.

      - Profitable Pricing Strategy: The availability of free add-ons allows you to maintain a good profit margin while offering competitive prices in the market.

    • 3. Incorporating Your Own Products and Services

      - Personalized Offerings: Beyond reselling domains, Nabtech encourages resellers to integrate their own products and services, cultivating a unique and enriched service portfolio.

      - Business Growth: Incorporating your own value-added services not only creates a differentiated market offering but also fosters a business model primed for sustained profitability and growth.

    If you have any questions about the Nabtech Discount Program or need guidance on how to maximize your benefits, feel free to submit a ticket for detailed support from the Nabtech Support Team.
    • Private-Labeling Opportunities

      Nabtech is devoted to providing extensive private-labeling opportunities for resellers to personalize their service offerings. While it is inevitable for our name to appear in certain mandatory places, we strive to offer a substantial degree of flexibility in customizing most of the other customer interactions. Here's how you can leverage private-labeling:

    • 1. Customize System Notifications

      - Email Notices: Resellers have the freedom to replace the Nabtech name with their own in various system email notices, creating a seamless brand experience for their customers.

      - Action Landing Pages: Enhance your brand presence by featuring your name on landing pages for different actions such as transfer approvals, giving a personalized touch to each customer interaction.

    • 2. Generic Website Options

      - Branding Flexibility: Resellers can opt to use a generic website devoid of any branding, maintaining a neutral platform for customer interactions. This option also includes the possibility to upload an optional logo to align with your brand imagery.

      - Customer Interaction Points: This customization extends to various customer touchpoints including WDRP reviews and email transfer approvals, maintaining a consistent brand image throughout.

    • 3. WHOIS Output Customization

      - Reseller Field: Stamp your brand’s identity prominently by customizing the “Reseller” field in the WHOIS output with your business name, asserting your presence distinctly in the market.

      - Thin Registries Messaging: For thin registries such as .com and .net, resellers can add personalized messaging to the WHOIS output, offering a potential channel to communicate brand messages or important information.

    If you have further queries or wish to understand the nuances of private-labeling opportunities with Nabtech, please submit a ticket to get assistance from the Nabtech Support Team.

    At Nabtech, we operate a tiered reseller program designed to reward our partners with increasing benefits as they move up the levels. We are pleased to offer attractive discounts on domain reselling that are structured according to three distinct reseller levels. Here is a detailed breakdown of the discount structure based on the reseller levels:

    • Level 1: Starter

      - Discount Rate: Resellers at level 1 enjoy a 3% discount on domain reselling, offering a favorable ground to start and build their reselling business gradually.

      - Recommended for: New resellers who are just beginning to venture into the domain reselling business. It provides an affordable entry point with a modest discount to help initiate your reselling journey.

    • Level 2: Intermediate

      - Discount Rate: Attaining level 2 unlocks a 6% discount on domain reselling, presenting a substantial increase and a greater margin for profit as you grow your business.

      - Recommended for: Resellers who have gained some ground and are looking to expand their portfolio further, leveraging a higher discount rate to enhance profitability.

    • Level 3: Expert

      - Discount Rate: Resellers at the top tier, level 3, are rewarded with a lucrative 10% discount on domain reselling, providing a significant boost to their profit margins.

      - Recommended for: Established resellers who have a substantial customer base and are in a position to make bulk purchases, making the most of the highest discount rate offered in our program.

    Regardless of your level, each tier provides a valuable opportunity to grow your business with Nabtech. As you progress, you can expect to reap greater rewards, enhancing your profitability and expanding your business horizon. Should you have any queries regarding the reseller levels or how to advance to the next level, feel free to submit a ticket for assistance from the Nabtech Support Team.

    Domain reselling is a business model where entities purchase domain names at wholesale prices and resell them to their customers at a markup. Being a domain reseller with Nabtech allows you to offer a variety of domain name extensions to your clients, without the hassle of managing a domain registry yourself. Here, we breakdown the fundamentals and benefits of domain reselling:

    • Understanding Domain Reselling

      - Definition: Domain reselling refers to the process where businesses purchase domain names in bulk from a domain registrar, like Nabtech, to resell them to their end customers at a profit.

      - Inventory: As a domain reseller, you have access to a wide inventory of domain extensions, giving you the freedom to offer a variety of options to your customers.

    • Benefits of Domain Reselling

      - Profit Margin: By procuring domains at a discounted rate from Nabtech, resellers can set their own prices, allowing them to control their profit margins effectively.

      - Branding: Resellers have the opportunity to white-label their services, meaning they can sell domains under their own brand name, which can be a vital part of establishing trust and recognition in the market.

    • Getting Started with Domain Reselling

      - Partnership with Nabtech: Becoming a reseller with Nabtech is the first step towards setting up a successful domain reselling business. Nabtech supports resellers with a range of tools and services designed to make the reselling process straightforward and lucrative.

      - Customer Support: Nabtech equips its resellers with robust customer support, ensuring that you have the backing of a knowledgeable team to help you navigate any challenges and provide excellent service to your customers.

    If you're considering venturing into domain reselling or have more questions about how to start, feel free to submit a ticket to reach out to the Nabtech Support Team for detailed guidance and support.

    • Individual Entrepreneurs

      - Business Insight: Those with a solid understanding of the digital market and a business acumen can start a career in domain reselling, helping others establish their online presence through Nabtech’s platform.

      - Flexibility: Being an independent reseller provides the freedom to operate a flexible business, enabling customization of services to meet diverse client requirements while utilizing Nabtech’s rich domain catalogue.

    • Web Development and Design Agencies

      - Added Service: Such agencies can broaden their service spectrum by integrating domain reselling into their business operations, serving as a one-stop solution to clients.

      - Portfolio Enhancement: Adding domain reselling to their repertoire can elevate agencies’ portfolios, facilitating a full-fledged service offering and thereby enhancing their stature in the industry.

    • Existing Hosting Companies

      - Expansion: Hosting companies looking to diversify their services can venture into domain reselling with Nabtech, offering clients a more rounded solution.

      - Competitive Edge: Nabtech’s competitive pricing and extensive domain options provide hosting companies an upper hand in the market, presenting an opportunity to offer bundled solutions at cost-effective rates.

    • Essentially, a wide range of individuals and organizations aiming to broaden their service offerings can explore the domain reselling landscape with Nabtech. For detailed guidance on initiating your reselling journey, do not hesitate to submit a ticket to consult with the Nabtech Support Team.
    When you choose Nabtech, you're not just getting a service; you're investing in a partnership that prioritizes value, variety, and security. Here's how:

    • Competitive Pricing: Nabtech is unrivaled when it comes to pricing. The unbeatable rates, coupled with the Nabtech Discount Program, ensure that you always get more value for less. The focus is on building a lasting relationship where the savings increase as you continue to engage with a variety of services.

    • Wide Array of Services: Nabtech is your one-stop shop for all your web-related needs. With a portfolio that includes over 400 domain options, various hosting solutions, SSL certificates, and SEO tools, you have everything you need to build, secure, and optimize your online presence all under one roof.

    • Reliable Customer Support: The Nabtech team is your team. Segmented into specialized departments, the experts stand ready to assist you in navigating challenges and making informed decisions. The objective is to ensure a smooth, reliable, and responsive service experience at all stages of your journey.

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